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The Importance of Sports Massage

Date Published: July 07, 2021

The importance of sports massage

We are nearing the beginning of the school year and returning to sports workouts. I want to cover the benefits of sports massages and how they can aide in improving your overall performance.

What are the benefits of massage specifically for people in sports training?

Massage/soft tissue therapy

  • Improves circulation, bringing fresh nutrients to the muscle tissue and aiding the removal of waste products, keeping the muscles in good condition
  • Breaks down adhesions between the muscle fibers and can address small areas of old scar tissue from previous injuries, allowing the fibers to slide easily over each other
  • Eases muscular tension allowing better flexibility and mobility
  • Allows you to keep on top of any pains or issues that arise in training before they become injuries
  • Can offer pain relief (pain changes the way we move, can cause compensatory movement patterns and be a source of stress if it prevents you from training)
  • Aids relaxation (stresses can impact your training)
  • Can improve recovery times allowing you to train harder sooner than later

Clients that have had sports massages before practicing or playing in a game have reported feeling lightness in their legs, and have said that it felt easier and took less effort to run.

How often should I get a massage?

This largely depends on your budget and how much the sport means to you. It can depend on how injury prone you are and if you are getting lots of aches and pains. It can depend on how a massage affects you and how long you feel the benefits afterwards.

I would say that if you’ve never had a massage before, I would schedule one prior to your next sports event to get some information about your recovery time and how the massage affects you is a very good idea. It can provide information on what type of massage and frequency is best for you.

How much does it cost?

  • Please visit our services section to view our current pricing.

How do I schedule?

Contact me at or call 816-205-0399.

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